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  • Christie Schilling

A homestyle wedding – I do or I don’t

Planning to hold your wedding in a place that holds sentimental memories is a great option to consider. Your childhood home or the home of your grandparents can offer something more personal and what you have always hoped for.

Top things to consider before you even get to the wedding part...

  • Parking – Is there a large space for guests cars, wide footpaths or even a neighbouring property?

  • Weather – Should the day turn pear shaped, is there an undercover area or do you “be prepared” and have a marquee hired?

  • Bathroom facilities – Can the existing facilities cope with a large amount of guests, do you hire extra to keep guests out of the home area?

  • Lighting – both to create atmosphere and to light up your wedding area

  • Catering – Food Trucks, casual cocktail or buffet sit down meal – suppliers need space, power and somewhere to serve the meals

  • Transport – after the celebrations, do you provide transport for guests to return to their accommodation?

  • Clean up – there’s always the clean up the next day, and return of borrowed/hired items

While a homespun wedding has some attractive qualities, there are a range of things you do need to consider. While the decision not to use a venue may have some budgetary grounds, you may find by the above list, that it’s not necessarily cheaper. On the plus side, there is no curfew and you can celebrate to your hearts content – just hope for great neighbours (or invite them to the party)!


  • You know the location and it holds special memories for you

  • More freedom to create the look you have always wanted

  • No call for last drinks

  • No limit on guest numbers

  • Ability to spend extra time with loved ones the following day


  • Long preparation time – to make the space look perfect, there is months of lawn care and gardening.

  • Hire of almost everything (and return)

  • Weather upsets – rain or even strong wind can turn your plans upside down

  • Too much pressure on your loved ones (the property owners) will they be able to truly enjoy your wedding?

To help make your decision, have clear discussions as a couple with those involved – homeowners, suppliers, loved ones. Some of the burden is removed by hiring specialists to take care of large portions of your day – their job is to turn up, deliver and set up their goods, then return and take it all away again. Delegate certain tasks and think hard before you turn away offers of help. Have a designated plan of tasks and who is responsible, to prevent overstepping and ensure each task is done.

This is a large event to plan – take your time and enjoy getting your list ticked off – believe me, you will have a list – if not many lists, lists are the key!

If you need an extra helping hand to make your day a little more special, or to make sure it all runs smoothly, give The Prop People a call or flick us an email!

Written by Christie Schilling, The Prop People

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