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What in the world is a wedding website?!

In a forever changing and evolving world, it's no surprise that weddings have experienced a techy shift in the way that we communicate with our nearest and dearest. Wedding websites are relatively new to the scene, but they certainly don't lack functionality.

Imagine having an online platform that communicates your wedding information to your guests on demand, a place to store guest information and keep track of RSVPs without those super annoying manual RSVP cards that Aunt Betty will probably forget to write her name on before sending it back. Imagine a tool that saves you money on printing and mailing, money that can be utilised on things that make your wedding that little bit more dreamy or a tool that makes it easy just to make a little change if necessary.

A wedding website is all of this, and often, so much more.

Here are some of our favourite features of a wedding website:

  • use a digital form to capture your RSVPs

  • share your wedding day itinerary

  • share your love story with your guests

  • reveal your wedding party and give your guests some insight into your relationship with your wedding party

  • link your guests to your gift registry or your digital wishing well (yes, these exist too)

  • help your guests with travel and accommodation options (bonus points if you secure a discount code with a local hotel)

  • communicate the dress code (with visuals!)

  • store your guests contact information and use this platform to send emails or SMS on the day (hello wet weather plan!!)

  • show off those engagement photos that you had taken

The best part of this is that you don't need to be a website designer (or hire one) to do this! There are a bunch of apps and platforms that are ready for you to customise!

Here are some of my favourite ready-to-go platforms...

Now, I know all of that sounds great BUT you might be asking yourself, "so how do I share this wedding website with my guests?"

There are a few options for distributing your wedding website...

  1. You may still want to send a physical Save The Date. In this case, you can add your website link or a QR code for your guests there and then. Don't stress you can choose to hide some information until closer or add new information as you go!

  2. Share your website link via social media

If you have any questions or need some help setting up your wedding website, contact Serendipity VA & Events.

Written by Lauren Christie, Serendipity VA & Events

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